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Megan was the founder of Trading Shoppees opening in 2018.  Tabitha was one of Megan's vendors. In March 2020, Tabitha and Megan met to discuss the future of the business and locations with the new pandemic. The two left the meeting as business partners and have begun planning and opening several locations since. Both of them worked alongside and curated several other like-type businesses in this region and opened their own locations. They never stop planning the next and truly have made a difference in hundreds of makers' lives. 

Tabitha and Megan have become much more than just business partners they are now family.  Megan often to refers to Tabitha as "Mom" and several of the vendors thought they were actually a mother/daughter team.  They spend weekends/holidays/family gatherings together and have never had an ill word towards each other.  

Both are boy mamas and use the store to as their haven to enjoy all things girly

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